World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders list (jointly compiled by Pharos and the Malone Institute) 

Recommended Websites and Channels

Technocracy News & TrendsPatrick Wood – leading site for news articles about Technocracy

Solari ReportCatherine Austin Fitts – interviews, resources, and news related to finance and the state of the world 

Corbett ReportJames Corbett – well-researched video reports about current events and the bigger agenda

Unherd Freddy Sayers – interesting interviews and balanced reports on current events

Darkhorse PodcastBret Weinstein &  Heather Heying – interviews and livestreamed scientific comments on current events 

Dr. John Campbell – pedagogic presentations and medical analyses of the latest health data and published articles

Jordan B Peterson – thought-provoking opinions and analyses of current events from a psycological perspective

To be continued....