Rockefeller – Controlling the Game

Author: Jacob Nordangård, Ph.D.

Language: English

Publisher: Stiftelsen Pharos/Media & Trading AB
Published: 2019

Pages: 386, hardcover, illustrated, colour
ISBN: 978-91-9858-430-1

This is a thrilling and paradoxical story detailing how the family that made the world dependent on oil has funded environmental and climate research since the 1950s, helped shape climate policy measures since the 1980s, and supported climate activism since the 1990s.

The Rockefeller family's battle against climate change contains elements of sophisticated propaganda techniques, futurism, and New Age philosophy, ultimately aiming at a complete transformation of the whole earth system, including the economy, ecology, culture, and humanity itself.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s stated mission to “promote the well-being of humanity throughout the world” has a dark flipside.

"Jacob's research into the impact of Rockefeller philanthropy on public policy is the best I have seen in a long career of profiling the power elite in factual terms, not in conspiracy theory terms."

– Ron Arnold

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Also available as e-book

The Global Coup d'Etat

Author: Jacob Nordangård, Ph.D.
First published: 2020 in Sweden
Will be published in English by Skyhorse in the autumn of 2023.

Most of us probably associate the term "coup d'etat" with a sudden overt seizing of power, with soldiers or tanks around government buildings, the overtaking of media etc. But a coup may also be covert, peaceful and gradual, using infiltration of public institutions and external threats (triggering events) to gain public support for totalitarian measures.

This is what appears to be happening right now, on a global scale, through supra-national organisations such as the United Nations, the G20 (with their many stake-holder groups) the European Union, and the World Economic Forum (through their many centers, working groups, and thousands of Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers, besides their annual summit for the world's political, financial, academic and cultural leaders). 

This book describes the process, reveals the methods, and identifies the agents, citing their own words and stated goals.